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Joel G Goodman
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An open letter:

To all of the wonderful people in this industry that we love, thank you for your hard work these past weeks.

I started Bravery Media in 2012 shortly after the last recession started to fade. When the economy was down I was busy helping two universities weather the recession’s effects. I survived mass institutional layoffs and saw enrollment numbers drop. The pressures of that time made all of us reevaluate how we approach digital strategy and social media’s importance to success became obvious. And all along our audiences’ behaviors changed while many of our web practices did not and have not.

Today, in 2020, higher education is faced with a vastly more challenging set of issues. We started the year with jokes about 20/20 vision, but the realities of the global coronavirus pandemic are sobering. Admission counselors can no longer meet in person with prospective students and their parents. Student Affairs staff are having to learn to care for communities at a distance. Expert faculty who have been in the classroom their entire careers are having to slapdash online courses together.

And the Fall semester starts in just five months.

There’s a lot going on and a lot to try and figure out. But one thing is crystal clear to those of us not dealing with the stresses of crisis management inside a college or university:

You don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

Bravery can and wants to help. I’d list all the challenges you have coming this year, but stress levels are high enough. Here’s how we can help:

  • Give us three weeks and we’ll give you a strategy for making your website suitable and effective for this new phase of higher ed marketing.
  • Give us two months and we’ll design it.
  • Give us four months and we’ll implement it.
  • Give us an annual contract and we’ll monitor, test, and improve it for you.

Institutions of all sizes are going to need to pivot their web strategies to shore up recruitment losses from these social changes. Bravery’s team specializes in conversion rate optimization. We practice human-centric UX design that includes accessibility and inclusivity, usability studies, multivariate testing, and content strategy. The work we’ve been doing is tailor-made for the, now, forced demands of everything being digital.

And even in these overextended times, we aim to be the best value solution for higher education digital strategy + design. We’re ready to help you. Let’s get to work.

Here for your benefit,

Joel G Goodman
Bravery Media

Feel an urge to discuss your institution’s readiness?

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