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Website Redesign for National University

Bravery partnered with the outstanding marketing agency at National University to redesign the university system's main website. Our efforts continue to drive significant revenue gains for the university that are directly attributable to Bravery's conversion rate optimization, user experience design, and digital strategy expertise. All designs were crafted to WCAG 2.1 standards for inclusivity and accessibilty, and design mobile-first for adapting to any screen size.

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screenshot of the National University homepage at phone size

We took great care to put the most important things first, while emphasizing tonality through NU's excellent photography. By placing the program finder search at the top, Bravery's work increased conversion rates immediately.

screenshot of the National University program finder page at phone size

Bravery's success in mainstream product design allowed us to leverage common usability patterns to develop a simple and intuitive program finder. We even provided layout options for future A/B testing.

screenshot of a National University single program page at phone size

Our CRO emphasis continues on single program pages by providing immediate visibility to important value reinforcers. Thoughtful details like navigation links back to the finder contribute to our overall care for NU's prospective students.

screenshot of the National University request information landing page at phone size

The RFI form had to be designed for clear action and usability. Bravery developed design patterns allowing the form to boost conversions on its own landing page as well as across the entire NU website.

screenshot of the National University homepage at desktop size

While some of the design elements were changed after delivery, Bravery's research indicated success would come from minimal interface with lots of mood-creating photography. The placement of the program finder in the main hero has contributed to daily conversion rate increases of over one full percentage point.

screenshot of the National University program finder page at desktop size

A simple 1, 2, 3 method pioneered by Seth Odell, vice chancellor for marketing at National University, led our thoughtful design of the program finder. Great care was taken to provide website visitors proper visual feedback to their actions.

screenshot of a National University program page at desktop size

Program pages can get bogged down by too much content. Our aim was to design a page that was easy to digest while guiding our visitors down a path to requesting information. Visit to see the full page in action.

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