Benchmark audits provide quick wins in no time.

Analytics, SEO, website performance, and brand awareness research are hot topics in higher ed marketing. With Benchmark from Bravery, you can get a strong grip on your next digital strategy moves without an RFP process.

Utilize GA4 like a pro

The transition to Google Analytics 4 left many higher ed marketing pros scratching their heads about how to track the metrics they used to rely on. Benchmark Analytics from Bravery audits your GA4 configuration for effective tracking and reporting, helping your institution understand what’s possible with the data you’re already gathering. Get the most out of the many tools at your disposal.

Benchmark Analytics audits your GA4 settings for:

  • Key Event (conversion) metrics specific to higher education websites
  • Sustainable event tracking configurations in Google Tag Manager
  • Proper integration with Google Ads campaigns
  • Automated reporting within GA4 and Google Ads

Benchmark Analytics costs $750. In return, you get recommendations for improving your GA4 configuration to give you a deeper understanding of how your website and ad campaigns are performing against tangible goals.




GA4 audit, Google Ads audit, Google Tag Manager Audit

Designed to help colleges and universities optimize their GA4 conversion metrics.


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A slow website can cut your conversion rate in half.

Benchmark Website Performance from Bravery is a fast, affordable way to learn what’s making your website slow and how to fix it. Need to make your case to the board for more web budget? Stuck trying to explain to your developers what you mean by optimization? Or maybe you’re thinking about a website redesign?

Your Benchmark report uncovers the nitty gritty details of your website’s performance and accessibility, and turns them into a prioritized plan of action in seven business days or less.

Benchmark Website Performance Reports cost $1,500 per audit. In return, you get a value-packed report detailing opportunities to speed up your website, improve your conversion rates, and make your site more accessible.


Web Performance


Web Performance Audit, Accessibility Audit, Expert Recommendations

Results in 7 days. Perfect for board reports, budget planning, new hires, and website strategy.


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Get more visibility by ranking higher on SERPs.

Where you rank on search engine results pages is critical to your institution's visibility and peformance. Your Benchmark SEO Performance report helps you understand why you're website ranks where it does and how to improve it.

Benchmark SEO Performance costs $6,500 per project. In return, we review your website's technical configuration, perform key word research for critical content on your site, and report back to you with our findings and specific recommendations.

Make your brand strategy work for you, not against you.

Brands have distinct personalities, just like individuals. This perception isn’t an abstract concept. What personality traits are your prospective students applying to your brand?

Bravery's Benchmark Brand Vibe Check is about surfacing the characteristics associated with your brand and your competitors’ identities. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses in the context of your competitive landscape, you can strategically structure your messaging and influence your audiences.

Benchmark Brand Vibe Check costs $7,500 per project. In return, we provide a brand evaluation where we uncover what you’re known for, competitor brand evaluations where we discover what your competitors are known for, and a homepage brand review where we tell you how closely your homepage design, content, and organization match up to the brand you are trying to convey.


Brand Vibe Check


Brand Evaluation, Competitor Evaluation, Homepage Brand Review

Ideal for pre-design, board reports, brand strategy, content planning, and new hires.


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