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Your institutional website shouldn't be a loss-leader for enrollment. Your college or university website should be the most profitable and hardest-working part of your marketing budget. Why pay $150,000 or more for a website redesign that doesn't get results? Every penny spent on a new website, digital viewbook, or virtual tour should be accounted for.

Digital Strategy + Design Proven for Success

Bravery Media is a full-service strategy and design agency that’s helped colleges and universities at every level improve their digital marketing. With decades of combined higher ed marketing experience, Bravery provides the perfect mix of quality, speed, and results-driven expertise to help you attract more students, convey your brand promise, and improve your search engine rankings.

Digital Strategy

All good strategy starts with research, proceeds with research, ends with research, then does it all over again. We research, execute, test, then research again in order to get the perfect people-based results. This iterative, Agile-esque method leaves us room to experiment without losing sight of the fact that our work has to do its job. Bravery can shape up your digital strategy with:

  • Website content audits
  • Competitor website analyses
  • Website accessibility audit and recommendations
  • Analytics and user research
  • UX research and recommendations
  • Information Architecture development
  • Content strategy and design
  • Unified Strategy Guide including Accessibility Guide, Content Strategy Report, Core Model Worksheets for you to use when planning new content, User Experience recommendations, and governance guidelines.

Pricing starts at $19,000

Focus Your Strategy

Web Design

Bravery’s design process is collaborative, research-based, and human-centered. Our iterative approach uses Atomic Design principles to create a flexible digital design system for your website and other digital marketing products that is accessible and inclusive. Even better, we focus on performance. Because what good is that design if it doesn't produce results? Bravery does all of this and more.

  • Fully Section 508 / WCAG 2.x compliant and accessible design
  • UX and usability research
  • Collaborative, data-driven design process
  • Digital design system and pattern library
  • Example page designs for your top content landing pages
  • Coded prototypes, integrations for CMS platforms, and complete templates
  • Design optimized for conversion, usability, and impact

Pricing starts at $60,000

Tell Us About Your Site

Optimization at Every Level

Whether you recently redesigned your university's website or are thinking about how to go about it, Bravery specializes in getting the most out of what you have. Our research-based method looks at various technical, content, and design aspects of your website and digital marketing and finds every opportunity for better performance. In our experience, one change can increase your conversion rates by 30%, while a comprehensive approach can generate millions in new revenue. Bravery can help you with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)
  • On-page Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Site speed and technical optimizations
  • Defining user journey maps
  • Consequence Design Training
  • Accessibility and inclusivity training, audits, and improvements

Pricing starts at $25,000

Get the Most From Your Digital

Our Expertise

In our work, Bravery draws on its wide range of skill and expertise. But every institution has different strengths and resources internally, and we know that every penny counts. We are more than happy to work with you to target specific areas where you may need support. Our experts have worked in every area of higher ed — from advancement to recruitment to student affairs — and understand the specific nuances that come with marketing degree programs. Bravery can help supercharge your web marketing in these areas:

Usability Studies

Understanding your users means getting into their heads. We use a number of tools to develop guiding usability narratives for your website. These guides let us design for specific types of people and open up our team’s creativity in addressing the challenges, desires, and emotional touch-points of every person who interacts with your brand promise on the web.

Tools include:

  • Treejack navigation testing
  • Moderated remote testing with eye tracking
  • Unmoderated remote testing
  • Card sorting

Pricing starts at $2,500 per test.

Content Design

We will happily help tighten up your website copy by writing as much as you’d like us to. Our copywriters focus on improving SEO and serving your website visitors with copy that effectively communicates your brand messages and leads visitors to take action.

Pricing is on a per-page basis and varies by type of content.

Website Development

If you don’t have the internal resources to build out your new design in-house, Bravery can handle it for you. Our code is clean, lightweight, accessible, and focused on lifting your SEO value. Pricing will vary depending on your content management system, size of the website, and other integration needs.

Pricing starts at $20,000 for small websites.

Ongoing Optimization

Everyone knows a website is never finished. When you partner with Bravery long-term, we can help maintain and grow your search engine rankings, implement constant multivariate testing, and practice iterative conversion rate optimization to fit the changes in your digital audiences. Partnering with us is ideal if you are understaffed, don't have in-house digital strategists, or lack the capacity to apply product development practices to your digital properties.

Pricing varies on an annual basis.

The Best Value in Higher Ed Digital

We're proud to provide outstanding return on investment, but even more proud that our human-centric, research-based approach to digital strategy and design organically surpasses the goals our clients set. How did we generate more than 5700× ROI for National University? We cared. Bravery recognizes that every website user is a real person with real emotion and baggage. We build in affordances, make our strategy inclusive, and extend dignity to the real human beings that interact with our work.

Placing personal value on your audience members translates into unbelievable financial and brand value for your institution. It's a matter of hospitality. It's a matter of respect. And it really is that simple.

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Who is Bravery?

Bravery Media is a full-service digital agency built for higher education. Headquartered in Austin, TX since 2012, our team is small and focused with team members across the United States and United Kingdom. We’ve launched wildly successful digital products and websites for National University, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Loyola Marymount University, and many more.

Our work increases enrollment and requests for information, driving millions of dollars in new revenue for our partners. We exist to solve higher education’s biggest digital challenges, improving the efficacy of institutions everywhere.

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