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Bravery Media is a higher education website strategy and design studio. We solve the biggest challenges facing institutions of higher learning using data, insight, and humanity.

Faster websites.
Better search rankings.
Increased enrollment.

Bravery turns data into change, design into reputation, and your goals into legacy. Our team's talent runs deep and can benefit your institution at whatever stage of digital strategy you find yourself.

Where does your website rank?

SpeedyU from Bravery tracks speed and accessibility scores across college and universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Find out where your institutions rank in your nation, region, and among competitors. Launching soon.


Web Performance


Web Performance Audit, Accessibility Audit, Expert Recommendations

Results in 7 days. Perfect for board reports, budget planning, new hires, and website strategy.

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Brand Vibe Check


Brand Evaluation, Competitor Evaluation, Homepage Brand Review

Ideal for pre-design, board reports, brand strategy, content planning, and new hires.


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Benchmark from Bravery

Get a handle on your marketing reality. Whether you're new to your role, need to make a case to leadership, or are doing pre-RFP planning, Benchmark reports are fast, affordable, and hands-off. And they're built with the same principles that have generated millions in new revenue for other institutions.

I could not be more proud of the final product we have, the team that developed it, and the results this work drove for our organization. The university's investment in web strategy and design with Bravery paid for itself in eight days.

Seth Odell

Former Vice Chancellor for Marketing

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Even marketing pros working in higher education need to keep learning. Whether your style is podcast listening, newsletter reading, or in-person training, we want to share our experience with you.

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Every agency has a newsletter, but we think ours is different. It's rooted in research, full of personality, and fun to read. Stretch your knowledge a bit and think about higher ed marketing a bit differently.