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Custom Insights Reports from Bravery.

Sometimes you need targeted insights to bolster the strategy you already have in place. Bravery can help. We start with a needs assessment to make sure we're only delivering information that is actionable and valuable to your institution. From there, we prepare a report with data and recommendations featuring some of the following research:

  • Facilitated Usability Studies
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Terminology Reviews
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Jobs to be Done Studies
  • Service Blueprints
  • Homepage Brand Review
  • Technical Assessment (SEO, Accessibility, Content Strategy)
  • Environment Assessment (Competitor audits, brand positioning, regional industry data)
  • Operational Assessment (Governance planning, staff needs modeling, budget modeling)

Some of these are more time-intensive than others. Our pricing is tailored to precisely what you need. Have strict budget allowances? Let's talk about what will give you the biggest return on that investment.

Pricing starts at $20,000

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It all starts with your needs

Every dollar (or pound, or euro) in your budget is important. Rather than trying to force a template on your institution, Bravery wants to understand precisely what your institution needs. Our Needs Assessment gets us most of the way to understanding what research fits you best, now. A follow-up conversation helps our team uncover the biggest challenges your institution is facing.

Schedule a Needs Assessment and we'll provide our initial recommendations and a price range. You can schedule a conversation with us, or not. It's your choice. We promise not to bug you with sales emails (we just don't do that).

Power Packs

Super-charge Bravery's research methods with a Power Pack. Paired with a Custom Insights Report, Website Strategy Guide, or Level Up research project, Bravery's team of digital strategists will put your tailored recommendations into action.