Design with Bravery

Higher ed websites have a lot in common with each other and that makes it hard to stand out in a crowded market. Coupled with thorough research and sound strategy, Bravery’s design services provide your institution with a website that looks beautiful AND increases your inquiries, applications, and revenue.

Bravery’s web design work pays for itself almost immediately after launch. Past Bravery clients have seen applications double and inquiries increase by 128%. Some have realized over $8 million in new revenue in the first year.

Our secret is UX

There’s so much more to a website that converts than drawing pixels. Bravery’s focus on hospitable design practices means user experiences (that’s UX for short) that keep your prospects thinking about your institution all day. Great UX means big return on investment. Doesn’t that sound better than just copying someone else’s drone video?

The winning web combo

Great UX, beautiful design, and modern code mean a website that produces meaningful impact for your institution. We want your website to be fast so that it converts better and ranks higher on search engine results pages. Lean code, hospitable design, and a focus on inclusive usability is what gives you an edge.

Code options

WordPress Modernization — modernize your WordPress website with Bravery. We keep your existing design and adapt it to the WordPress Block Editor. You’ll see immediate speed increases, easier content management, and safer updates, all for significantly less than a total redesign and build. Bonus: your next website redesign project will be so much easier. Price starts at $40,000

Design to WordPress — take advantage of Bravery’s suite of WordPress Block Editor tools, blocks, and plugins integrated into a lightning-fast custom theme. There is no Divi hacking here. Bravery has always built 100% WordPress standards-focused themes. Seriously, our WordPress Block Themes with Full Site Editing blow our competitors out of the water when it comes to site speed, accessibility, and conversion rate optimization. Price starts at $150,000

Design to Static Prototype — There are some Content Management Systems we just won’t work on due to accessibility concerns, outdated development practices, and limited means to optimize your website (sorry not sorry). If you're stuck in a contract with one of those vendors, we can produce static, clean, fast, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ready for integration by your own dev team or support contacts. Price starts at $65,000

Full Website Hosting and Management — Our Web Agency of Record services ensure that the website we’ve worked on together stays operating at its peak. Save IT and developer resources and time by letting us handle everything technical, from hosting to speed optimization and accessibility to conversion tracking. The only thing we can’t do is manage your paid advertising (but we can recommend a couple of folks). This is the future of higher ed web strategy. Price starts at $150,000 per year

Our Services

Research + Strategy ↘︎

The best place to start is with sound strategy. Bravery offers research and strategy services for brand, audience, content, UX, and more.

Web Optimization + SEO ↘︎

Fast sites lead to record enrollment. Let Bravery give your institution's site a performance tune-up.

Design + Development ↘︎

Beautiful, fast, and accessible. Bravery's human-first design and dev services start providing ROI the day we launch.

Content Direction + Production ↘︎

From content strategy to content design, Bravery produces website content that converts. Content really is that important.

Training + Professional Development ↘︎

Get your college or university MarComm and Admissions teams up to speed with customized training from Bravery.

Web Agency of Record ↘︎

The ultimate performance value in higher ed. Empower your marketing team to do their best by leaving the technical work to Bravery.