Level up your skills with Bravery

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. Our unique research-forward porfolio of customized training workshops are designed specifically for higher education marketing professionals.

Our training offerings

When you learn with Bravery, you get insights you can apply immediately. We currently offer workshops in:

Technical Training: Navigate the digital terrain with confidence

Dive into the digital world with our technical training courses. Gain a deep understanding of SEO, manage technical debt effectively, and learn how to optimize your institution's website at every level.

Design Training: Turbo-charge your brand with great UX

In our design training sessions, you'll learn how to create visually compelling narratives with modern tools like Figma. We'll delve into the principles of effective web and UX design, helping you understand how to create user-friendly interfaces that not only look good but also drive engagement and conversions.

Research Training: Make data-informed decisions

Learn to leverage data to its fullest potential. Our research training equips you to build data feedback loops, conduct comprehensive web audits, gather usability feedback, and use insights to inform strategic decision-making.

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Why choose Bravery's training offerings?

Expert-Led Training: Our workshops are designed and delivered by higher ed experts with extensive experience in their given topic.

Tailored for Institutions: Each workshop is crafted with higher ed marketing professionals in mind, focusing on scenarios, challenges, and objectives specific to higher learning.

Outcome-Focused: Our training is about more than imparting knowledge; it's about achieving tangible improvements in efficiency, innovation, and service delivery within colleges and universities.

Flexible Learning Options: Training can be conducted remotely or on your campus to accommodate however your team learns best.

Unrivaled Experience: Bravery's team is deeply familiar with the challenges of higher education work. We've been designing, building, and optimizing websites and strategies in higher ed since 2012.

Bravery leads the way

Ready to take your higher education marketing to the next level? Choose Bravery and discover how our training offerings can help you achieve your goals. Because in the world of higher education marketing, bravery isn't about taking risks—it's about being prepared to seize opportunities when they arise.


Our Services

Research + Strategy ↘︎

The best place to start is with sound strategy. Bravery offers research and strategy services for brand, audience, content, UX, and more.

Web Optimization + SEO ↘︎

Fast sites lead to record enrollment. Let Bravery give your institution's site a performance tune-up.

Design + Development ↘︎

Beautiful, fast, and accessible. Bravery's human-first design and dev services start providing ROI the day we launch.

Content Direction + Production ↘︎

From content strategy to content design, Bravery produces website content that converts. Content really is that important.

Training + Professional Development ↘︎

Get your college or university MarComm and Admissions teams up to speed with customized training from Bravery.

Web Agency of Record ↘︎

The ultimate performance value in higher ed. Empower your marketing team to do their best by leaving the technical work to Bravery.